Our Story

Recognizing the need for change, a committee was formed with the goal of transforming this space into an updated 21st Century State of the Art Fitness Center that accommodates all high school students, athletes and community members...


This event was SUCH a fun night for friends in our community to gather for great food and music to raise funding for the BayFit project! 

The BayFit project is already off to a great start due to generous donations from the community.  This vision will only be possible with continued support from families, our athletic teams, our village leader and our community.



An upgrade to our fitness center will have a significant positive impact on both our students and the school community as the end result will be a more inclusive, inviting, and relevant space that supports both physical fitness and injury prevention.

Amy Levek
WFB High School

Whitefish Bay High School 

Weight Room Renovation Project

Transforming the High School Weight Room 
into a State-of-the Art Fitness Center

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