"An upgrade to our fitness center will have a significant positive impact on both our students and the school community as the end result will be a more inclusive, inviting, and relevant space that supports both physical fitness and injury prevention.  This upgrade will enhance the overall student experience, supporting our Focus Plan goal of providing balanced attention to physical, social and emotional well-being.  It will be a facility that our school community can be proud of, enhancing the feeling of Duke Pride that is alive and well in our programming across the District!"


Amy Levek


Whitefish Bay High School

"The Whitefish Bay Recreation and Community Education Department is excited about the renovation and the opportunity to offer improved health and fitness programs for the Whitefish Bay community. Currently, the Recreation and Community Education department offers an adult evening weight lifting program and in the summer various youth strength and conditioning programs. Turning the weight room into a comprehensive fitness center will not only improve the quality of our programs, but, allow us the opportunity to offer new programs that will be a better fit for the needs of our community. I look forward to see BayFit reach its goal and the positive impact this will have on the overall health and wellness of the residents in Whitefish Bay."

Carin Keland

Director of Recreation and Community Education 

Whitefish Bay Schools

"Both the boys and girls soccer programs use our fitness center year round to prepare for our upcoming seasons.  In the off season, our teams will use the fitness center for cardio and strength building.   During season, teams will be using it for Yoga and various recovery exercising and stretching after matches. Having a new fitness center will continue to increase our preparation and allows us to train together.  No matter the weather, we will always be able to use the facility to get us ready to compete for state championships."

Robby Dubinski

Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

Whitefish Bay High School

"The fitness center renovation will be a huge step forward in the right direction for all students.  In our Health and PE departments we spend 2-3 days per week minimum in the weight room/fitness center, and it is vital that we improve the space for the safety of our students, as well as providing them with the best training experience with top tier equipment.  This space will become accessible and equitable for all students regardless of experience.  In particular, with the special needs students I work with on a daily basis, it will provide an exciting, safe, and functional place for continued wellness development.  Overall our goal with this new fitness center is to foster an environment where students can learn self advocacy and skills to use in high school, as well as throughout their adult lives."

Jon Schneider

PE/Health Teacher

Head Varsity Girls Basketball

Whitefish Bay High School

"We are excited about this school community project.  The Whitefish Bay High School Weight Room/Fitness Center enhancement will positively impact our physical education learning experiences of all students.   Our students will also be able to extend their interests in the areas of overall wellness, fitness, agility, strength and injury prevention.  This is certainly a "whole child enhancer."  We are also excited about the community access potential that could occur through the Recreation and Community Education Program.  Go BayFit"

Dr. John W. Thomsen

District Administrator

Whitefish Bay School District

"...with some of the new equipment, the softball girls (and all others who workout there) will have many more options to mix up their workouts!  During one of the initial meetings on this project, we talked about equipment, other than dumbbells, that would be universal to not only middle school age kids [but] all the way up through older community members who would use that weight room. This new equipment would take up less space than previously used machines as well as offering better exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time and offer multiple benefits and types of exercises! With the renovation, hopefully we will see more softball players and other female athletes utilizing this space in a less-intimidating environment..."

Jess Middendorf
WFBHS Varsity Softball Coach 
WFBMS Physical Education Teacher

Transforming the High School Weight Room into a State-of-the Art Fitness Center

"With a growing number of athletic programs and student-athletes spending time in the weight room during school Physical Education  classes, as well as after school training programs, a renovation to the whole fitness area will give our students the opportunity to train properly with new up to date equipment while also providing enough space to operate functionally.  This project will keep Whitefish Bay as one of the best overall athletic programs  in the state."

Jacob Wolter

WFBHS Physical Education Teacher

WFBHS Head Football Coach

"The Blue Duke Dance Team began in August of 2015. As a new sport, they have struggled to find a consistent and safe work out space. Despite the challenges, the team has rocketed to varsity status and competes and performs at multiple venues throughout Wisconsin. The gift of a work out space that they can call “home” and in which they can safely practice will surely propel them in their quest to the State Championship and add to their impressive collection of awards."

Jordynnn Feiereisen

WFBHS Varsity Dance Coach


"Student athletes join teams and play sports because we enjoy being part of Whitefish Bay athletic community.  Having a high quality new fitness center will give this community an even better, more positive atmosphere and that’s important."


Mia B.

WFBHS Student - Senior

Multi-Sport Athlete



"Whitefish Bay High School has given me many opportunities to pursue my love of sports and develop as an athlete in tennis, basketball and soccer.  The new fitness center will provide students with a greater opportunity to develop in a sport, gain access to the resources needed to do so, and give all students a state-of-the-art facility to pursue personal fitness goals."


Ali M.

WFBHS Student - Senior

Multi-Sport Athlete



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