Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the scope of the BayFit project?

A: The existing weight room at the High School will be transformed and updated into a State-of-the-Art Fitness Center. The 6,100 square foot renovated space will have an emphasis on open space and updated equipment to allow for functional and dynamic forms of exercise and training.


Q: How much will the project cost?

A: Our goal is to raise $180,000-$200,000 in cash donations, as well as $50,000-$60,000 in sponsorships to cover the cost of the BayFest event. Our goal is to have enough sponsors for the BayFest event so that the entire ticket price for attendees ($85/person), along with other cash donations raised at and outside the event, will allow us to make a $180,000 - $200,000 donation to Whitefish Bay School District for the project.


Q: Who is paying for the project?

A: Financial support for the project will be donated by community groups, organizations, corporations and individuals. Committed supporters currently include: the Whitefish Bay School Board, Duke Pride Sports Association, Whitefish Bay High School Parent Association and the Gridiron Club. As additional sponsors are received, they will be listed on this web site.


Q: What is BayFest 2018?

A: BayFest 2018 is a community-wide fund raising event that will be held at the Whitefish Bay Field House on April 21, 2018 to raise funds for the BayFit project. Our goal is to have enough sponsors for the event so that the entire ticket price for attendees ($85/person), along with other cash donations raised at and outside the event, will allow us to make a $180,000-$200,000 donation to Whitefish Bay School District for the project.

Q: I cannot attend BayFest, but can I still make a contribution to the BayFit project?

A: Yes, a check payable to "Duke Pride" can be mailed to the Duke Pride treasurer (Rachel Hawig, 5200 N. Lake Drive, Whitefish Bay, WI, 53217) or a donation can be made on-line at

Q: What if Duke Pride does not raise enough funds for the project?
A: In the event we do not raise enough funds for the project, subsequent fundraisers will be held until our $180,000-$200,000 goal is met.

Q: What will the new Fitness Center look like?
A: The renovated space will include a variety of cardiovascular equipment, weights, a drop- down retractable batting cage, drop-down curtain, sound system and projector.

Specific training equipment includes:

  • Ellipticals

  • Curved Treadmills

  • Power Treadmills

  • Training Bikes

  • Pro Total Body Trainer

  • BOSUs

  • Rig Station

  • Power Racks

  • Floor Exercise Mats

  • Multi Height Soft Plyo boxes

  • Glute Ham Developer

  • TRXs

  • Rubber Hex Dumbbells

  • Medicine balls

  • Kettle Bells

  • Resistance Bands

  • Rubber Coated Plates

  • Adjustable Benches


Renderings of the Fitness Center can be viewed by visiting this website by clicking on "The Plan" link.


Q: What type of flooring will be in the Fitness Center?
A: The flooring will be a combination of a rubber rolled flooring system (3/4 of the room) and indoor turf (1/4 of the room). 

Q: When will the project be completed?
A: The project cannot begin until 1) at least $140,000 is raised and donated to the School District, at which time the $40,000 contribution from the School Board will fund the balance; and 2) the roof of the Field House is repaired. The roof repair is currently scheduled for this summer and will be paid for by the School District. The Fitness Center renovation is anticipated to take 2 weeks. If all goes as scheduled, we are hopeful the Fitness Center will be completed by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.


Q: How is the School Board contributing to the project?
A: The School Board has approved a $40,000 donation to the Fitness Center once Duke Pride has donated $140,000. They are also committed to adding wheel chair accessibility and updating the railing.


Q: Who will get to use the Fitness Center?
A: First priority for high school spaces go to high school students. The High School intends to provide after-school supervision for students 4-5 nights/week for 1.5-2 hours/night. The Whitefish Bay Recreation Department will have the opportunity to reserve the space and run morning and evening programming. With the renovated space the Recreation Department will have the potential to increase the offerings available to community members.


Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the space?
A: Whitefish Bay High School Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the Fitness Center. 

Q: What will be the impact of the new Fitness Center?
A: The updated and modernized fitness center will incorporate features and functions that reflect the latest technology and will provide many benefits including:

  • Enhancing the overall student experience

  • Supporting the Whitefish Bay School District’s Focus Plan of providing balanced attention to physical, social and emotional well-being

  • Helping with injury prevention

  • Developing holistic health literacy

  • Aligning training settings with collegiate and professional training centers

  • Preparing students for healthy post high-school lifestyles

  • Increasing access for all students without costs to families

  • Attracting parents and students when comparing Whitefish Bay High School to other schools’ overall programming and facility offerings

  • Promoting the feeling of Duke Pride within our community at large

Q: Who is sponsoring the BayFit fundraising efforts?

A: Duke Pride Sports Association is sponsoring the fundraising efforts for the BayFit project. Duke Pride is a parent-run volunteer organization committed to supporting all Whitefish Bay High School athletic programs by providing resources, funding, awareness and volunteer efforts. In addition, Duke Pride is charged with promoting the overall participation of the entire student body at Whitefish Bay High School events.


Q: Is my donation to the BayFit project tax deductible?
A: Duke Pride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution may be tax deductible based on your particular tax situation. 

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