Whitefish Bay High School first opened its doors in 1932. Over the years, there have been several additions to the school including the Field House, constructed in 1968. The weight room, housed on the 2nd floor of the Field House, originally opened in 1971 with just a few pieces of workout equipment used solely by the high school football team. Over time, as the focus on health, fitness and the whole child has increased, usage of the weight room facility has broadened significantly. Today the facility is not only used by every high school athletic team but is also incorporated into the high school gym curriculum, thereby impacting all WFB High School students daily. As well, there is limited evening Recreation Department usage by a small group of community members. Although individuals, coaches and booster clubs have contributed some equipment over the years, the weight room facility as a whole has not been updated or improved by the District since it was originally opened over 47 years ago. 

Recognizing the need for change, a committee was formed with the goal of transforming this space into an updated 21st Century State of the Art Fitness Center that accommodates all high school students, athletes and community members. Our diverse group of volunteer parents and district members are focused on raising the necessary funds and revolutionizing this shared space to make it safe, clean and widely accessible, while upgrading the equipment to provide the features and functions that the latest technology provides.

Together with the WFB School Board’s approval and the enthusiasm of the WFB Recreation Department, the BayFit Committee has begun working on the fundraising necessary to build this facility. As the saying goes “it takes a village” --we invite you to consider joining us in our efforts by contributing financially to this exciting endeavor. We are thrilled to be involved in a project that will benefit the community as a whole and look forward to your participation in this journey. 

Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, download the Duke Pride app and go to our webpage for the latest updates, for ways to get involved, and most importantly, for information on how you can donate to this project. We look forward to working with you on this journey of building strength in our community!

The BayFit Committee

For questions contact BayFit co-chairs:

Milena Brower - milenabrower@yahoo.com

Cathy DeMuth - cathydemuth@att.net

Gretchen Menard - rmenard@wi.rr.com

Our Story...

Transforming the High School Weight Room into a State-of-the Art Fitness Center


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